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None Of The Above Knitwear Collection

We know that quality matters. That’s why every season we research and seek out the best quality fabrics we can find and make wardrobe staples that will last. The result being timeless pieces that you genuinely want to wear. Our focus has always been on making premium quality wardrobe staples. No logos, no flashy detailing. Just really well made clothing that you can put on without thinking too much and has quality guaranteed. 


For our knitwear collection, the range includes the use of quality materials like Scottish Cashmere, Merino Wool and British Virgin Wool giving you a wide range of classic silhouettes to choose from like the trusty turtleneck, a solid crew neck in cashmere or fishermans jumper in heavy gauge wool. Lets take a closer look at some of the fantastic fabrics we have on offer this season. 




Merino Wool

Merino wool is a unique material that is both lightweight and breathable while also being very good at trapping heat and keeping you warm. It is one of the most sought-after materials out there and with good reason. We use Merino wool extensively throughout the collection both for our Classic Turtle Neck and Knitted Polos. It offers a great balance between warmth, breathability, and moisture wicking properties as well as a softness that is not found in any other wool.

Merino Wool Turtle Neck

The turtleneck is the roll neck's slightly more casual cousin. It can be worn almost like a t-shirt with partial covering over the neck to shield you from the wind. The None Of The Above collection Turtle Necks are all made from 100% finest merino wool offering an extra soft and silky hand feel while keeping the warm in, and the cold out. 

Merino Wool Polo

Another classic piece revisited is the long-sleeve polo shirt, also in 100% merino wool. The quality of the fabric allows it to be worn directly against the skin, unless you have particularly sensitive skin or alternatively can be layered. 


Merino Wool Submariner Jumper

Another item in the range is the Submariner jumper - a popular menswear item that has been used for generations due to its functional build and rugged, yet classic look. This chunky knit, roll neck works brilliantly for layering under a coat or also works well as a top layer. Made from a heavyweight merino cotton weave, this Submariner style jumper has all the features that make the Submariner such a legendary piece including adjustable roll down neck and chunky ribbed cuffs and hem and set in sleeves. 


Made from the finest 100% Scottish spun cashmere, giving unrivalled softness that is so comfortable and warm and perfect for winter months but is also light enough to keep on in spring for an easy, clean and chic look. We have a wide range of knitwear on offer in the finest premium materials. Shop now.